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If Pipe and Glass regulars do a double take when they see actor Vincent Regan having a pint in the bar, it’s probably not because of his famous face – they’re too used to well-known diners at their local to be phased by that.
They’re more likely to be startled by seeing him in everyday garb – the actor, Welsh-born but of Irish lineage, has made his name as a handsome addition to some of the best-known swords-and-sandals epics, from the movies 300, Troy and Clash of the Titans to a six-month stint on BBC hit Atlantis, alongside fellow East Yorkshire resident and good mate Mark Addy.

There’s more to him, though, than a great line in steely-eyed warriors – he’s also Artistic Director of one of this country’s newest theatres, in his adopted hometown of Beverley.

Vincent and his wife, actress Amelia Curtis, were living in East Dulwich when their now nine-year-old daughter Esmé was born, and they decided that they wanted their family to grow up outside London.
Amelia was from the East Riding and one day, on a trip home to visit the family, the couple spotted a house in Beverley that they liked the look of.

“East Dulwich is very cool, but we didn’t really want our kids growing up in London,” he says. “Amelia’s family run a farm near Beeford and we’d always thought it was a lovely area to live. It was quite spur of the moment, really.”

It wasn’t long, though, before Vincent identified a hole in the cultural life of Beverley.
“It’s a great town full of very clued-up people – but there was no arts venue,” he says. “Pocklington had an arts centre, Goole had an arts centre. Beverley is the county town, it had some great festivals and events and loads of artistic people – but no central venue.”

Vincent met through friends East Riding Council leader Steve Parnaby, who shared his vision, and offered a former Baptist Chapel being used as council offices and storage at a peppercorn rent. Everything was falling into place – and then the recession hit.

“You can hardly lay off council workers then be seen to be funding an arts venue – it’s just not on,” says Vincent. His dream was put on hold for a few years, but with the help of a committed team of volunteers, the ERT finally opened 18 months ago with a festive production of A Christmas Carol – a sell-out – followed by John Godber’s hit show about the aftermath of the miners’ strike, Shafted! – another sell-out.

Vincent starred alongside David Schaal in A Steady Rain, by House of Cards and Mad Men writer Keith Huff, which transferred to London and was chosen by both The Times and The Sunday Times as their pick of the week. And last Christmas, the ERT’s production of Oliver Twist was – you’ve guessed it – a sell-out. Quite remarkably in these days of subsidised arts, the ERT is entirely self-supporting, and receives no government funding.
When he’s not slogging away at the artistic coalface of regional theatre, or travelling the world to star in movies and TV series, the actor and his family – Esmé has a three-year-old brother, Max – enjoy a visit to the Pipe and Glass.

“We’ve been coming here for years,” he says. “We usually eat in the bar, but if we’re having a ‘bit of a do’, for a birthday, say, we’ll book and eat in the restaurant.

“It’s not just about the Pipe and Glass, it’s about the whole South Dalton experience – it’s a great place to go for a walk after a nice lunch.”

Try and catch a show this summer at the lovely East Riding Theatre, where Vincent is Artistic Director.

James Veitch – Dot Con
10 June
Suspicious emails pop up in our inbox and standard procedure is to delete on sight. But what happens when you reply?

Half Deaf Clatch
11 June 
Half Deaf Clatch (Andrew McLatchie) has been impressing audiences for the last five years with his raw down-home sound and original songwriting.

A Tribute to Victoria Wood
12 June 
Join She Productions and friends in celebrating the life and work of the late comic genius, Victoria Wood. Prepare to laugh. A lot.

The Empty Nester’s Club
13–25 June 
From the team that brought you the multi-sell-out Shafted! Don’t miss this brand new comedy especially designed for the East Riding Theatre. 

East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band
26 June 
Formed in 1989 the EYMS Brass Band quickly established a reputation as one of the most entertaining bands in the country.

Becoming Hattie
29 and 30 June 
Thoughtful, funny, warm and nostalgic, this one-woman show takes an affectionate look at the life and career of a remarkable woman.

You Boy
8 July 
Can the dead hear us? Two adoptive brothers grow up living in each other’s pockets. When one is left alone, how will he replace his brother’s love?

Stephen Frost’s Impro Allstars
9 July 
The Stephen Frost Improv Allstars were all regulars on the original British version of the hit TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Beverley Puppet Festival
15–17 July 
The award-winning Beverley Puppet Festival takes place every two years and attracts around 9,000 visitors.

Le Vent du Nord
25 July 
With a great stage presence and energetic, dynamic flair, Le Vent du Nord are one of the leading names in Québecois folk music.

For more information or to book tickets, please visit: 

PUBLISHED :June 2016
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